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Ten unexplained phenomena

1 Noise Taos Some residents and guests of the small town of Taos in New Mexico, can hear for years a low-frequency noise from the desert. Strange and only 2% of the local population can hear it. Some believe that the cause is an unusual acoustic space, others see this as an example of the phenomenon of mass hallucination or even a secret project. However, a few years no one has been able to determine the source of the noise.

2 Bigfoot For decades rumors of Bigfoot, on different continents had different names, but they all look similar. A huge, furry or hairy, human-like creature seen by many, but failed to prove its existence.

3 Intuition Sixth Sense familiar to all of us. And although our misgivings sometimes deceive us, but just as often they are correct. Psychologists believe that the person is able to subconsciously collect and analyze vast amounts of information, and thus to draw conclusions and to know something without knowing how he knew. But the presence of intuition is difficult to prove, and the study of intuition is extremely difficult too.

4 The mysterious disappearance people disappear for various reasons. In most cases, they run away consciously, sometimes disappearance is the result of an accident, sometimes people are kidnapped or killed, but most of them were subsequently found. But it is known as the mysterious disappearance. From the crew of "Mary Celeste" to Jimmy Hoffa and Natalie Holloway, people simply disappeared without a trace.

5 Ghosts spirits of the dead appeared throughout the history of mankind. Ancients wrote about them, they were seen by our ancestors and our contemporaries. However, a clear scientific proof of the possibility of contact with the dead is still unknown.

6 Deja vu, Deja vu is translated from French as "déjà vu" and describes a strong feeling that an identical set of circumstances has happened before. For example, entering the building in a foreign country where you have never been, you may feel that it is familiar to you. The causes and nature of the phenomenon is still a mystery.

7 UFOs There is no doubt that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist. In heaven often see things that they can not identify. Although most cases are understandable (from weather balloons to meteors) always remain a mystery.

8 Life After Death People who were on the brink of death, often tell of the strange visions and describe the experience of extracorporal existence. Although the evidence of the accuracy of this information on different people experiencing the same phenomena are difficult to proved. In order to understand this mystery, scientists are now conducting a study called AWARE.

9 Paranormal abilities and extrasensory perception, Paranormal abilities and extrasensory perception are widespread. As a result of research the existence of paranormal abilities is not there and not clearly proven.

10 Communication of the body with the mind of Medicine is just beginning to understand how the influence of the mind on the body. For example, the placebo effect demonstrates that people can alleviate the symptoms of the disease simply believing that the drug is doing effectively, regardless of whether the medicine effectiveness is really is. Self-healing capabilities of the human body is very impressive, but no less mysterious.


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