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A man from the future seen in a 1941 photo exhibit in Canada

The Canadian Museum of Bralorne Pioneer Museum had keeped for a long period of time a single unique picture that was almost the most replicated in the world after it was posted on the website of the museum as an exhibit of the virtual exhibition "Their past lives here."

The photo shows the opening of the 1941 provincial bridge, which was built to replace the washed away by flood bridge. Among men the figure of a young man that was very unusual. The guy was obviously not from the time, which reside in the surrounding. His haircut, fashionable cut sweater, T-shirt with printed logo, portable "Kodak" camera and a sunglasses of model in the 21st century.

The picture was scrutinized by experts and found no trace of installation. That is the true picture and this man really was among others in the time of shooting. It turns out to that time travel is possible? But skeptics began to try to explain the origin of each part in the breaking of the 40th years of the last century. Sweater could bind any breed. The camera, maybe a modified one? The modern type of sunglasses started to exist in the 60's.


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